Develop ideas and products faster.

In a Discovery Sprint, we develop and test new products or improve existing ones together with your team. Compress months of work into just 4 days.

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Minimize risks easily
Discover product challenges upfront
Save time and money
Validate ideas in advance
Improve your product fast
About Discovery Sprint
Make your development a sprint:
We facilitate four-day innovation workshops to validate ideas, to test solutions, and to improve products together with your team.
Why it works
Validate ideas and test solutions faster than others
It's Fast!

Validate ideas and test solutions faster than others

When you want to perfect products, time is of the essence. In just 4 days a Discovery Sprint will provide you plenty of ideas, solutions and prototypes worth months of development.

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Save money by pretending before spending
It's Cost-efficient!

Save money by pretending before spending

New ideas can be incredibly costly and always carry the risk of failure. Minimize risks and maximize output by thoroughly testing and validating ideas and solutions with our various pretotyping and prototyping tools.

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1 team, 5 days, and lots of scribbling and crafting
It's fun!

1 team, 4 days, and lots of scribbling and crafting

Enjoy an incredibly productive yet relaxed working environment where nothing feels forced. Together with you and your team, we'll ensure to create the best possible solution to your problem.

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Thanks to empuxa, we were able to build a web shop for our delivery service in just one weekend during the lockdown. This not only saved us from losing sales, it saved our business.
Robert Greller
Peter pane
empuxa have advised us in several projects, always providing us innovative solutions I would not have thought of myself. It's exactly what we expected from an agency, and them some.
Alexander Wieborg
Former Head of Business Development & IT,

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